Our Value Managed Services operating model gives us the ability to support change initiatives over a longer period, helping to stabilize and minimize on-going costs. The main value focus of our organization is listed below:

     * We hire only the top delivery-focused consultants
     * We organize our practice around both deep industry skills as well as deep technical competence
     * We focus on bringing innovation to our clients – ensuring our clients get maximum values for their IT
        investments through us

Our Approach and Value Proposition

* Traditional Approach: Pyramid model forces far fewer experts into stood approach-increasing overhead cost
   and time.
* Concept Systems (CS) Data Solutions Consulting Approach: Collaborative team of deeply skilled individuals
   means less complex, lower cost, higher quality, and faster solutions.
* Concept Systems (CS) Data Solutions Consulting Value: Highest "output per dollar" 2-5 times more
   productive than "Big-Consulting", completing engagements with 20-50% of the resources 100%
   Implementation Success of team members Strong client relationships.