MobiStart is special product designed & developed by Concept Systems to drive electrical motor pump remotely using the mobile's IVR & SMS technology. It contains GSM Mobile modem which is to be used remotely by users without physical presence of user. It is developed specifically for Agricultural use. It can be used in industrial and urban areas.

Main motto behind this product is to operate / drive the motor without human interface remotely using GSM technology.

Following are the salient features of our product

* Digital Display: it supports digital display to see the voltage, current and calling number status.
* It supports 5 numbers as per security purpose.
     - Only these 5 numbers can operate device.
     - If other users try to operate, device doesn’t respond at all.
     - If one user has started / stopped the device, SMS is generated to other 4 users mentioning the operating
* Auto / Manual Mode: If device is in auto mode, it supports IVR and SMS to switch ON / OFF the motor. It it is
   in manual mode, user can use the device as normal starter with auto features such as manual ON / OFF,
   SMS alerts, IVR status etc.
* Protection
     - Device continuously watch the input voltagle from DP to the motor. User can set safe voltage range to
       save motor from being damaged due to volgage surge or deem. If the voltage goes below or up of
       specified range, device automatically stop the motor. When voltage comes under the range, it starts the
       motor automatically.
     - Same for the current status.
     - Dry run detection.
     - Water level detection.

It drives the electric motor using different modes.

1. IVR Mode:
     * User call predefined number stored in the modem of the device and start or stop the motor.
     * User can check the status of Power, motor, etc. by calling predefined mobile number in the device.
2. SMS Mode:
     * User can operate device using pre-defined message formats.
     * User can set, change, reset the timer mode using pre-defined format.
3. Timer Mode:
     * Timer mode can be operated using SMS formats and keyboard.
     * User can set date, time and period (in hours) to start and stop the motor.
     * The device continues to complete the defined period even if the power goes ON / OFF within set time
     * User can schedule the timer for mothly, weekly, daily and once.
4. Manual Mode:
     * In manual mode, user can operate motor using only ON / OFF button on the device.
     * IVR and SMS operation doesn’t work in this mode.
     * Timer works in this mode
     * In this mode, if motor is ON and power goes OFF, it makes motor ON automatically whenever power
        comes back.
5. Keyboard Mode:

1. Single Phase: It supports following
     * In built Starter
     * In built auto
     * In built modem
2. 3 Phase with Starter: It supports following
     * In built Starter
     * In built auto
     * In built modem
3. 3 Phase Starter Pickup: It supports following
     * Connects to external starter
     * In built auto
     * In built modem

1. Single Phase: It supports following 1. Use can drive motor remotely anytime, anywhere in the world.
2. Its different versions support moters from ½ HP to 80HP.
3. Contains in-built modem.
4. Device size is as compact as normal starter
5. Different alert messages such as
     * Power ON / OFF
     * Motor ON / OFF
     * Dry Run Detection
     * Timer details

1. Simple connections
2. Simple SMS formats for swictch and alert messages.