We are engaged in offering different types of application solutions to our clients such as ERP and web development. For manufacturing and trading businesses, different types of modules are provided by us. Our business modules are designed to provide immense benefit to the clients’ business.

Concept’s flagship ERP product is “cERP” which is a complete accounting and ERP system that can fulfill all of the accounting and business management needs of any size organization. The software can be run both locally or online, means across your office or across the world!

Our extensive experience in ERP implementation, ERP integration, and extending ERP functionality has helped us develop capabilities in architecting scalable and adaptive customer solutions, which support incremental enhancement with built-in modularity. As a result, our clients have access to real-time business information that is intelligible and useful across the enterprise

Our ERP implementation and ERP integration methodologies speed time-to-value delivery for a number of reasons, including their incorporation of the right analytics for real-time decision-making.

Our ERP services expertise includes both packaged suite implementation and the integration of diverse and distributed application portfolios - within and across the extended enterprise. We support customers across the entire range of the application life cycle, from package evaluation through implementation, to post-implementation support.

Considering and analyzing the various business process, workflow and functional requirements across verticals and industrial domains, cERP flavored with three versions viz., Basic, Business & Enterprise, targeting small and medium enterprise companies as well as MNC companies, where each and every features, functionalities & reports can be completely customizable quickly with little effort, as per the customer requirements from any domain.

This version has all the features, functionalities & reports necessary for small business and financial management.

This version has all the features, functionalities & reports necessary for automating the business in medium enterprise segments.

This version has the complete features, functionalities & reports for automating the business and workflow in big & MNC companies.

Why cERP?
* Customer Centric
cERP can be customized as per the specific requirements of the customer. A base ERP system to support your vertical applications. Make your own fully customizable ERP system. An ERP system for geographically-dispersed companies.

* Multi Capable
cERP is a multi capable system with Multi-Company, Multi-Division, Multi-Department, Multi-Tier, Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Currency and Multi-Language support.

* Global Product
cERP is a global product with GAAP, Globally Accepted Accounting Principles, IAS, International Accounting Standards & IFRS, International Financial Reporting Standards compliance features.

* Scalable and Adaptable
cERP can run the entire application on one server or run each layer on its own server or split the application across multiple servers and a VB Dot Net based Desktop Shell Interface for use over LAN and WAN or VPN links for desktop shell clients, and a ASP Dot Net Interface that can be used world-wide over the Internet.

* Increase Employee & Sales Productivity
cERP allows all of your employees to enter and share company data concurrently in real-time across town or across the world! Enter orders and check inventory from the field using a web browser or a Smart Phone!

* Make Better Management Decisions Faster
cERP operates in real-time, so you always have the fastest access to the latest company data! Quickly spot trends and always have the latest information to help you make the best decisions! Produce real-time financial statements!

* The Last Accounting & ERP System Ever Need To Buy
cERP will scale with your organization by simply adding inexpensive servers to the configuration, means your investment is protected. There are no per server or per processor licensing or pricing, and nothing more to buy.

* Easy to Administer, Widely-Used Platform
cERP runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows 2003 or greater servers, which are easy and straightforward to administer and maintain, easy to perform and validate system backups, and allow you to take advantage of Microsoft's built-in replication, scalability, clustering, and multi-processor features at the most cost-effective price available!

* Customer-Centric & Automated
cERP comes with modules that help you connect with the people most important to your company. An Integrated Web-Based CRM System helps you keep in contact with your potential customers while an Integrated Web-Based Shopping Cart allows you to convert your leads to customers, and an Integrated Web Based Support System helps you keep your customers!

* Cost Effective Solution
There are no third party components or controls used in the software, so there is nothing additional to buy. Compared to any other ERP products in the market, cERP is the very cost effective solution as per the company’s budget.

General Features
     * Integrated Accounting, Financial Management & Online ERP Solution
     * Multiple Companies, Multiple Divisions per Company & Multiple Departments per Division
     * Multiple Currencies Management & Multiple Language
     * Support Multiple Warehouses Management & Multiple Bins per Warehouse
     * GAAP & IFRS based Financial Reports & Aged Reports
     * Complete Audit Trail & Transaction History with Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
     * Multiple Tier Design with Unlimited Scalability & Adaptability
     * Real Time Shipping Rates & Currency Exchange History
     * Role Based Dashboard and Secured User Level Access Privileges
     * Instant Printout Facility in Every Transaction Screens
     * Report Generator with Multiple Formats like PDF, Excel, XML, Email & Graph
     * Purchase Approval Process & Payment Approval Process
     * FIFO, LIFO and Average Inventory Costing Methods
     * Fixed Asset Management with Multiple Asset Depreciation Methods
     * Multiple Bank Accounting with Reconciliation and Cheque Printout
     * Production Planning System with Multiple BOM and Inventory Assemblies
     * Employee Leave Processing, Loan Processing, HR Forms & Payroll Cheques
     * Customizable Chart of Accounts with Sub GL Account Management
     * Unlimited Budgets Per GL Account Per Fund
     * E-Commerce Website with Content Management System
     * Dynamic Shopping Cart with Online Order & Credit Card Payment
     * Point Of Sale System with Shift wise Transaction Management
     * CRM System with Help Desk Support
     * Company Default Values & Memorized Transaction Regeneration
     * Automatic Invoicing with Automatic Credit & Debit Memo Generation

Unique Highlights
     * Latest Microsoft Dot Net Technology allows operating with two user interfaces (a Desktop Interface & a
        Web Interface) against the same set of Web Services and Accounting Engine.
     * The Multi-Tier Design allows for Unlimited Scalability where you can run the entire application on one
        server or run each layer on its own server or split the application across multiple servers.
     * Data is protected and the Security Safeguards in the system allows only the enterprise client to access the
     * The system has a complete Audit Trail which keeps tracks of every change to every field and keeps History
        of all transactions.
     * Transactions within the system are treated as Legal Documents and therefore cannot be edited or deleted
        once posted to General Ledger.
     * The system supports the separation of Business Functions, means, that the employees entering bills can't
        also print cheques, and the people ordering goods can't also receive goods, etc.,
     * The system supports a Purchase Approval Process & Payments Approval Process, based on the defined
        authorization workflow.
     * The system works with SQL Server Express (the FREE Database Version from Microsoft) which connects
        natively with thousands of third party Data Warehousing Tools & Systems!
     * New Language Translation Engine, supports any number of languages, translations done on the fly and
        user has the ability to add their own language, or edit the provided translations.
     * Greatly reduced number of post backs to the client and eliminate a lot of the un-necessary form refreshes.
        The Client call back functions support Prevents Page Flicker.
     * Simple User Interfaces that are intuitive and easy to navigate. Supports various models of VAT Taxation
        that allows the software to be used globally.
     * The system supports complete Customization in each level in the Accounting and Reporting Engine and
        changes and enhancements done quickly as per the requirements.
     * The system has a Memorization feature, where the important and frequent transaction can be saved and
        new documents can be created quickly based on the memorized transactions.
     * Advanced Web Based Reports generation engine create reports for the screen, printer or output them
        directly into Microsoft Excel and Graph for further analysis and many more output options including

Target Industries
     * All Manufacturing Industries
     * Accounting, Legal & Financial Firms
     * Power & Energy Sectors
     * Steel & Cement Industries
     * Sugar & Fertilizer Industries
     * Textile & Garment Industries
     * Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sectors
     * Biotechnology Companies
     * Leather, Tyre & Rubber Industries
     * Paint, Metal & Paper Industries
     * Trading & Logistics Companies
     * Travel & Transportation Companies
     * Automobiles & Machineries Sectors
     * Chemical & Petrochemical Industries
     * Real Estate & Construction Companies
     * Property Management Companies
     * Sales & Distribution Domain
     * Imports & Exports Firms
     * Supply Chain & Retail Sectors
     * Software & Telecom Sectors
     * Education & Entertainment Sectors

We hold immense expertise in designing the following ERP versions:
     * Industrial ERP
     * Foundry ERP
     * Textile ERP